Do You Know Anyone Who’s Immortal? One Day You Might.

Google the phrase “can we be immortal” and see what you get. Better yet, let me save you the effort. You’ll find article after article describing how science is getting close to achieving immortality for mankind. And this is not just a futuristic, far-fetched idea. For example, check out this headline: Why Immortality is Already Within our Grasp and How we Could Achieve it. Or how about this one: Want to live FOREVER? You just have to make it to 2050, experts say. Before we go further down this road, its important… Read More

Comparing COVID-19 with the Pittsburgh Virus

Okay, so I’ve resisted this for a while, but with so many people reminding me that my book, The New World, is about a virus which fractures our American republic, I decided I would weigh in on the subject, contrasting the Pittsburgh Virus with COVID-19. So here are six differences between the two. The Pittsburgh Virus and COVID-19 originated half-a-world apart. By now everyone knows the story of how someone at the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan, China was infected with a virus from an animal, and from there it spread around… Read More

Delivering The Ten Thousand

I have two children. They are both unique and wonderful in their own ways. But here’s the thing; they didn’t show up at the same time, and that means my wife and I experienced their births in different ways. You can never have your first child a second time. It is equally true, however, that the second child comes with its own set of unique challenges and rewards.  The Ten Thousand will be available on Amazon, May 1st. What does that have to do with being an author? Publishing my second book was… Read More

Are We Ready to Connect Our Brains to the Cloud?

Brain-Cloud Interface joins the Brave New World Do the letters B-CI mean anything to you? Probably not, but they might mean something to your children or grandchildren. The abbreviation, B-CI stands for brain-cloud interface which many are calling an internet of thoughts, or a ‘global superbrain’ as some have described it. I stumbled across this idea in research for my new book, The Ten Thousand, and while I don’t use these ideas directly, it was too interesting not to pass on (and who knows, maybe it will show up in a book… Read More

Are There Secret Tunnels Under the White House?

In my book, The New World, Raisa and Alexander escape the White House (for a night of dinner and dancing) through a secret tunnel. Of course, this idea is not new. The 1993 movie Dave showed the President sneaking out of the executive mansion via a tunnel that surfaced in Lafayette Square. The 1997 movie Murder at 1600 claimed that Lincoln had a tunnel built to Lafayette Park. The movie was based on a book by Margaret Truman, daughter of President Harry Truman, leaving one to wonder if she had some insider… Read More

An American Monarch?

In my book, The New World, a monarchy replaces the fallen American government, at least in the nineteen states that have banded together calling themselves the New World. But how likely is it that a monarchy would take root in the land of the free and home of the brave? Perhaps more likely than you think. Consider these titles, all within the last several years, and note the publications from which they come. America Needs a King – Politico Magazine The Case for a Monarchy In America – HuffPost Stop Fighting it…. Read More

Should “Old” Adults Read Young Adult Novels?

I am fifty-one years old. Today I found myself in a conversation with someone who was at least that old (he had gray hair, and it didn’t appear to be premature). The topic of our conversation was young adult novels that we liked, which raises an interesting question – should adults who have matured past the twenty-something stage of life read novels aimed at a young adult audience. One of my children asked me a similar question not long ago. I was talking about a book I had read (or was reading,… Read More

Launching The New World

The New World will launch on October 1st, and I am putting together a team of people to help launch it. Success is rarely an individual effort, and with your help, I’ll get my debut novel off the ground and into the hands of readers. As a part of the team, here’s what you will need to do: Receive a free copy of my book, The New World, to read. Write an honest review on Amazon. Share information about the book on social media. If you’d like to join the team, I… Read More

A View from the Top

An important part of the story in The New World takes place in the Capitol building and on it’s grounds. To add as much realism to the story as possible, I researched the Capitol; it’s history and architecture. The Architect of the Capitol website is an excellent resource if you want to investigate more on your own. The best part of my research was traveling to Washington and taking a private tour of the Capitol, including a tour of the building’s two domes. Few people realize that the Capitol actually has two… Read More

“The New World” Coming Soon to Amazon

Jamie watched in stunned disbelief as the United States Senate abolished the federal government with a single vote. As the seventeen-year-old daughter of a U.S. Senator, Jamie was sure that would be the most shocking news of the day. And it was…until she was chosen to be the first queen of the New World. Under the visionary leadership of Creighton Ashwill, the New World has taken its first tenuous steps as a monarchy. Still reeling from the devastating effects of a virus two decades earlier, the people are ready to embrace their… Read More