Author Doug Felton

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What are readers saying about The New World?

If you love dystopian tales such as The Hunger Games and Divergent, you will love The New World. – Heather

I used to stay up late reading but, five kids later, I usually use reading as a way to fall asleep quickly. If I’d known how much I would enjoy this book I wouldn’t have started it before bedtime.  – Michelle

The writing is good and the characters are entertaining. I look forward to reading the whole series. – Wendy

Looking forward to the next book. – Jennifer

This book is amazing. My preferred book genre is political non-fiction but for three days I wasn’t able to keep up with my ‘preferred reading’ because I couldn’t put his book down. – Marcus

Book Signing Events

The Sunshine State Book Festival.

Reading from my book and signing copies in Alachua and Gainesville.

4 Comments on “Author Doug Felton

  1. Doug, My wife and I have attended your church on several occasions when visiting the Alachua area, and always received a warm welcome. Reading aloud to each other is something we regularly do in the evening, and reading The New World in this way was a special treat. We had spirited conversations along the way as we anticipated what was going to happen next. The twists and turns never disappointed. I think we found the book to be especially fun since we’d had the opportunity to speak with you on our visits to 1st Baptist. We’ll look forward to the next one! (Our next visit, and your next book!)


    • Hey Ron. Thanks for the kind words about the book and the church. I’m glad you enjoyed both. I am working hard on getting the next book out. Don’t have a date on it yet, but hopefully soon. Be sure and say hello the next time your in town.


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